Integrate Seamlessly

Our strength is our flexibility

Sidecar allows you to integrate with existing software and hardware. Improve your system and maintain any current hardware investments.

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Field Operations
    1. Administrative level fleet monitoring
    2. Encrypted archived video & images for risk mitigation and driver training
    3. Asset utilization reporting
Hardware Integration
    1. Hydraulic controllers , liquid pumps, plow position, road temp, and engine diagnostics
    2. Out of box compatibility with Pengwyn, Force America, Muncie, Boush, Microseven, & more
Real Time Data Analytics
    1. GPS tracking includes location, speed, material usage, and road coverage
    2. Live video & images
    3. Weather reporting & road incidents

Maximize your fleet potential

A better workflow

Increase efficiency, cut cost, and drive safe with SideCar technologies.

Cloud Based Infrastructure
Guaranteed Message Delivery & Transactional Persistance
Ever Expanding Third Party Device Support
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