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Fleet Tracking Software

With over 10 years of industry consulting and operation improvement, SideCar GPS software has finally arrived. Seamless integration allows you to get the latest and best fleet monitoring software.

2 Billion +
1,800 +
Miles Tracked
260,000 +


Track - Manage - Save

SideCar allows you to manage your fleet from anywhere anytime. Get and use live data to monitor, and improve your fleet.

Track Assets

Monitor material usage and vehicles in use in live time. Driving habits, hydraulics, salt use, road temp and more can be monitored and used to improve your fleet operations.

Reduce Costs

Identifying fuel waste plays a key factor in our software. By monitoring driving habits, idle times and driving routes you'll be able to optimize your fleet

Improve Safety

According to USDOT, quick stops and starts are the leading cause of accidents. SideCar helps you to monitor the driving habits of your operators and other on the road. Protect your drivers and ensure road safety.


Live view from anywhere

Live images are another valuable feature that can help you keep a close eye on your fleet. With this technology, you can receive real-time images from cameras installed in your vehicles, giving you a view of the road ahead and allowing you to monitor your drivers' behavior. This can be especially useful for identifying unsafe driving practices or for investigating accidents or incidents.